Use of Force

Use of force modules

ISS/MSS/IAT has a high regard for education within the law, these are some of the courses we offer in the use of force. A properly trained guard makes the difference when it matters.

  1. Legal Articulation
  2. Conflict Intervention
  3. Management
  4. Safety Survival Tactics
  5. Field Interview Position
  6. Tactical Handcuffing
  7. Impact Weapons
  8. Edge Weapons Awareness
  9. Strikes, Kicks, Punches
  10. Blocks, Grips, Breakholds
  11. Tactical Ground Fighting
  12. Joint Manipulation
  13. Nova Scotia Neck Restraint
  14. Handgun Retention/Disarming
  15. Pressure Point Control Tactics
  16. Oleoresin / Capsicum Spray (pepper spray)
  17. Tactical Pistol – 9mm Sig Sauer
  18. Judgmental Consequence Scenarios