One On One Continuing Care Services

One of the newest services provided by Mainstay Security Services and Investigations Inc. is One on One Continuing Care Services.


Due to the nature and scope of responsibilities for this service, staff are heavily screened and selected based on qualities such as friendliness, approachability, compassion, and patience.  Staff receive training in crisis intervention and conflict management skills, and are given a skillset that will allow them to work effectively in the Long Term Health Care field.


Our team will meet with your staff and build a program based around the needs of the patient.  We are aware that different clients will have different needs and / or difficulties with mobility and may require a plan tailored specifically to their needs.  Our team will endeavor to provide the very best of care to each patient.


We have experience with clients who have:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Mobility difficulties


Our staff will provide daily reports, detailing any changes in behavior or incidents while on duty, allowing primary caregivers the information needed for ongoing treatment.


Easy to Start Service


Just call Mainstay Security Services and Investigations at (902) 695-6246 during normal business hours or e-mail us at  to determine details and initiate service.