Security Officer

Security officer modules

ISS has classroom facilities available to educate our guards, police members, and students alike in a professional setting. We teach the following courses:

  1. Professionalism, Ethics & Public Relations
  2. General Duties & Responsibilities
  3. Introduction to Law
  4. Common Criminal Offences
  5. Patrol Procedures
  6. Note taking and Note book Maintenance
  7. Report Writing and Crown Documents
  8. Evidence Collection and Court Testimony
  9. Proper Arrest Procedures
  10. Legal Articulation
  11. Company Orientation/Bloodborn Pathogens/Harassment Training
  12. CPR/First Aid/Intro to WHIMIS
  13. Safety Survival
  14. Conflict Intervention/Making an arrest
  15. Tactical Handcuffing
  16. Judgmental Scenario training
  17. Personal Weapons
  18. Field Interview/OC Spray/Joint manipulation
  19. Edge Weapons Defense/Pressure points
  20. Impact Weapons (Baton)
  21. NSNR(Nova Scotia Neck Restraint)/report Writing
  22. Handgun Retention
  23. Tactical Ground Fighting

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