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With the cost of living increasing across the board, your customers are always looking for ways to save money.  By using your on-site ATM, your clients are saving time, gas and money by using your conveniently located ATM VS. their banking institution.  Our attractive and well maintained ATM’s enhance the look of your location, and are serviced by fully uniformed Armed Guards, increasing the safety and security at your site. Best of all,



Benefits attributed to the use of our services include:


  • Attractive, well maintained and reliable machines
  • Loads performed by licensed Armed Guards
  • Cash levels maintained and monitored, resulting in no cash-outs
  • Attractive and competitive remuneration to the client
  • No money out of pocket – IAT supplies all ATM’s and supplies
  • Full installation, maintenance and service covered at no cost to the site
  • Door decals / signs denoting “ATM Inside”

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Easy to Start Service


Just call Independent Armored Transport Atlantic at (902) 450-1396 during normal business hours or e-mail us at to determine details and initiate service.