Our Program

Undoubtedly the most critical factor to be considered when selecting a security service provider is what level of training does the security officer bring with them when they arrive at your business location? It is well known that maintaining a high level of training ensures knowledge of how to proceed in given situations and also increases self confidence of the individual which is necessary if you intend to act professionally and efficiently.

utilizing in-house instructors with accreditations from organizations such as Nova Scotia Department of Justice, PPCT and SigArms Academy, this guarantees that training will be maintained. Training sessions are held on a continuously weekly basis and is open to all licensed personnel. All training sessions are followed by examinations both written and practical and certificates are awarded to the successful participants as verification of completion. All modules are instructed on a rotation basis with new subjects being added as they become available.

Our internal training program is structured to address the day to day activities of a security officer in various ranges of responsibility (uniformed guard, Loss Prevention and armed guard) with subjects ranging from general duties to actual use of force applications. Listed modules are instructed on a rotation basis with new subject matter being added.

Our training program was formatted to ensure that all our staff have the skills and knowledge to perform their duties in the professional manner that is our benchmark, while at the same time addressing their safety and those around them. Additionally, focus is also placed on a clear understanding of personal accountability / liability for actions taken with emphasis being placed on recognizing different force options available and when they should be applied, if at all.


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