Founded in 2006,  The Secure Delivery Division offers’ the highest level of courier service in the industry. This new service addition to our company profile is highly organized, strictly supervised and properly maintained in keeping with our current business practices.

With our highly trained staff you can be assured your packages are safe and secure. What sets us apart from other courier companies is that we use fully licensed and trained security officers to operate our Secure Delivery division.

Keeping the environment in mind, Secure Delivery is constantly reviewing our routing and processes to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.

To get a quote on your courier needs, please contact us at (902)450-1396


– 2 door hatch back, 2.2 litre engine
– Completely decaled to identify company and function
– Cellular phone equipped
– Audio alert system
– GPS tracking


IMG_0163DSCF2647 Picture1


All personnel are professionally trained according to the specifications of our officer safety program as described in the Training Section, along with note taking, record keeping to track your packages and report writing. Personnel are licensed according to provincial regulations and perform their duties in uniform with the appropriate duty gear.

Service Description

– Operating with a fleet of vehicles, Secure Delivery is able to meet the needs of our clients. on many different levels :
– Regular Service delivery (maximum of four hours)
– Emergency Service Delivery (your package delivered within one hour)
– After Hours Service Delivery (up to 9:30pm)
– Bulk Service Delivery (packages larger for the use of our van)
– Process Servers
– Document Delivery and Transfers
– Pharmaceutical Delivery