Mobile Patrol Services

MSS has recently added a mobile patrol service to our current service base.  This new service provides two essential services.  The first is a traditional Mobile Patrol service tasked to the protection of client properties in the silent hours of the night.  The second is a fully uniformed Delivery Service.  This second to none service allows  clients to have a variety of items picked up and delivered to any location within Pictou County.



  • Eco-friendly and fuel efficient vehicles
  • Bulk Deliveries delivered by an SUV
  • Completely decaled to identify company and function
  • Cellular / GPS / Alarm equipped


All personnel are professionally trained according to the specifications of our officer safety program as described in the Training Section, along with note taking and report writing.


Personnel are licensed according to provincial regulations and perform their duties in uniform with the appropriate duty gear.

Service Description

  • Regular periodic security checks of customer property. Verification that all entry points to property are properly locked and secured. ( start of shift ) Enforce the Protection of Property Act when applicable. Respond to any alarm calls if requested by the client.
  • Pickup and Delivery of parcels
  • Pickup and Delivery of bank deposits
  • Maintain proper records of shift events for customer review
  • Prepare any necessary forms I reports for Court use.


Easy to Start Service

Just call Mainstay Security Services and Investigations at (902) 695-6246 during normal business hours or e-mail us at  to determine details and initiate service.