Of the services we offer, the most widely recognized is the receipt of deposits for delivery to designated banks or our vault facility, and the delivery of change orders to our clients. The use of specialized, secure transportation services are a trademark at IAT. Such service may include transportation of precious items, corporate records, coin or bulk currency. All of our equipment, including armored vehicles, are designed and manufactured according to the latest U.L. standards of security. Through our comprehensive insurance package, we assume full responsibility of your valuables from the time of shipment to the time of delivery to the consignee.
The depth and experience in our management and armed staff allows us to provide the quality of service you expect and deserve. IAT brings fully trained professionals ( see training section for details ) to your business. Our secure, efficient and dependable transfer of funds reduces risk for your employees, and ours, also improving the collectivity and availability of funds for your corporate account.

Other benefits attributed to the use of our services include

• Increase of employee productivity since they are no longer required to perform banking duties
• Guaranteed same day credit
• Elimination of bank to bank transfer fees
• Reduction of in house crime coverage insurances
• Elimination of daily miscellaneous expenses related to staff performing banking duties

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Services we offer

• Armored Security Transfers between points
• Automated Banking Machine Services (Cash Replenishment, First Line Maintenance etc)
• Vaulting Services (Cash/Coin Management and Storage)