Mainstay Security

Benefits of Security Services

Undoubtedly one of the most beneficial aspects of contract security is the reduction of theft or incidents on and around your location.  This reduction increases productivity, customer safety and satisfaction, and helps to control the rising costs of business that can be incurred by loss. In addition to this, by having an external security service provide your on-site security, you increase the safety of your staff by having security on-site to deal with any incidents or emergencies that may occur.


In addition to the safety of staff, you decrease your own liability by allowing security to deal with incidents on your site.  MSS holds and maintains insurances that both protect our staff and our clients from the impact of incidents on site.


A Loss Prevention program needs to only reduce shrink by as little as 0.75% to be beneficial to a client.


Benefits include:

  • Reduction in external theft
  • Reduction in internal theft
  • Reduced liability
  • Security staff are familiar with the identities of undesirables
  • Staffing and scheduling handled by MSS, reducing the burden to customers when dealing with their security programs
  • Reduced costs


As experts in the security industry, we can also provide an audit of your security processes and create a custom security program based on your needs, rather than a “cookie cutter” program that is convenient for the contractor, but not the client.  We pride ourselves in helping our clients work within their budgets, providing the best value for that location.


With an ample pool of well trained Uniformed and Loss Prevention Officers, we can meet your needs and accommodate requests for additional security when requested.  We offer flexible hours of operations based on your need for security.